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How to Start a University-Model® School

Many Christian parents find the choice between public and private schools to be limiting and disconcerting. College entry has also become increasingly competitive in recent years. The University-Model® solves these problems by offering a high-quality, college-preparatory education in a context that emphasizes discipleship, worldview instruction, and character formation.

Steps to Follow in Developing or Transitioning to a University-Model®:

  1. Through prayer, believe that God is calling you to implement a University-Model® school.
  2. Download and read the introductory information and the book Character Driven College Preparation.
  3. Schedule a conference call with a UMSI representative by sending us an email.
  4. Apply for membership in UMSI (we will provide you an application after the conference call).
  5. Attend a New School Development Workshop and follow the New School Development plan to implement the initial stages of school development.
  6. Promote the school in your community.
  7. Open your University-Model® school!
  8. Stay abreast of new developments by attending all regional and national events.

Developing and Transitioning Schools:

  • Are distinctly Christian
  • Embrace the UMSI vision, purpose, and philosophy
  • Utilize a university-type schedule and structure
  • Use the UMSI Certification Standards as a guide when opening or transitioning the school
  • Work toward UMSI Certification within a two-year period
  • Once certified, become eligible for school accreditation


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